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ToughDog Security Systems: Success Story.

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Project: Website Migration and Re-design

Client: ToughDog Security Systems

Agency: Cincodemayo Branding

ToughDog Security Systems used to have an old-school pure html website, with an outdated design style. Months before the Pandemic was even a topic, we started a migration and re-design process for their website. This whole renovation included major changes for them as a brand:

  • Moving from a traditional hosted website into a Cloud-Based one

  • Migrating from Old-school coding solution to a Browser-editing atmosphere

  • Adding restricted access sections to their website

  • Featuring bold full-screen visuals and improved overall design

  • Adding a controlled-access Partner Only Online Store section

  • Making it responsive

Solar powered wireless internet and surveillance unit
Solar powered wireless internet and surveillance unit

Then the pandemic struck hard. Lockdown and home office for all.

This is when remote work became a top priority for many industries. Featuring ToughDog's solar powered stations was mandatory.

By then, new website was ready, just in time when distance surveillance, thermal cameras and reinforced remote access control started to flood all internet searches.

ToughDog website came in just in time, with a fresh new look, a beautiful interface, and superb functionality for their new business stage. 

This company and their products were presented to a major US nationwide electronics chain, being the website the 1st impact, and they sealed a big deal for major distribution for consumer-ready products.

Cincodemayo is proud for being part of this success story.

BEFORE: ToughDog Security Systems Old Website

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