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InterHuman Re-branding case

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

If InterHuman brand could be defined in one word, it has to be compliance. These guys have been designing for decades everything related to compliance issues for mid and large companies, specializing in international human talent, strategy, and consulting.

From day one we got the idea that they speak compliance in every way.

However, their visual identity was not spreading the same story. They featured a somewhat traditional logo design, and at the same time, this solution was not helping to get the brand to express its core values and attract the right audience.

Simultaneously, InterHuman had found a series of new formulas for the new international job challenges that emerged from the ongoing newly shaped work scenario in America. So basically, they were intellectually ahead of the competitors, but their visual identity was saying otherwise.

So: where to start?

Our analysis started by funding the strongest brand values, as well as the buying persona profile. By defining this, we were able to know what would be our key message, and who is the audience we are speaking to.

Finding the brand essence:

We have managed to react to change. We have found the course and we know what defines us. We know that we are connected to the claims that our times demand, and we have designed the tools to help our customers emerge victorious from the battle. Now the challenge is to find a way to be able to express it with the simplest possible elements, but at the same time, that allows us to distinguish ourselves from others.

It is with this model of thought that we were associating ideas with elements of historical, timeless, and intercultural value. And it was in this way that we were building lists of key elements with distinctive characteristics associated with our nature. What we were looking for was a symbol that we could stay with and identify with. Of course, many symbols paraded that medium and large boys use or have used. It was clear to us that we didn't want the same as the others, no matter how powerful it might seem.

The Lyre

Surprisingly we stopped at the lyre, and as we analyzed it, we were convinced that this was the symbol we were looking for.

The lyre first appears more than 3,500 years ago in the golden age of ancient Greece, and it has bloomed repeatedly in different periods. It is a stringed instrument of simple construction, and in the right hands, it is capable of producing charming music. It's practically a bow with ropes.

According to mythology, there are versions that attribute the origin of the lyre to Hermes while others argue that it is due to Apollo. The truth is that at a time when Apollo was a victim of adversity confusion, it was the lyre that calmed the soul with its soft sound and helped it find its way. The lyre with its melodies manages to ward off fury in stormy times.

We immediately discovered that like the instrument there was a meaning with which we could identify, while to this was added the originality of being a symbol not used in our industry, offering a clear separation of the often trite trends typical of the segment. Although the elements were aligned, the challenge grew, since by taking this figure as a shield, it was clear to us that we did not want to confuse our audience by launching an image that might look like that of a group or music store. Through a cautious identity study, we managed to abstract the key elements of the lyre, and turn them into an unexpected design, and with a clear vision of a global class. Bow, strings, and shield are the basic ingredients.

A new identity is born

Based on the selected elements, we began a process of designing a new identity, contemplating key factors such as transcendence, longevity, originality, distinction, contemporaneity, and the wide possibility of application. This is how we come to our new image.

Behind-the-scenes InterHuman logo creation process.

Draft Stages

The Color palette

InterHuman new color palette

The New logo

Before and After

We all love "before and after" massive makeovers when great improvements are visible. InterHuman is no exception. The changes are huge, and bring a fresh new breath of projection that was unavailable months before.

A navigational version of their old website can be seen here.

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Stationery & miscellaneous:

There's a new cloud-based website too:

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