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Marketing Agency in Texas. Cincodemayo Branding & Marketing


Marketing Agency

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Google search 1st page positioning, by a Google Certified Partner. 

SEO: Advanced Mode

Everyone is talking about SEO, but very few are into advanced strategic SEO. This deeper approach uses more information relevant to your business that will take your brand to Google's 1st results page, while strengthening your business strategy in the process.


All the marketing and business tools are there, however, it's not a matter of how many tools you use, instead it's a matter of what's your Plan.

You want to jump and see your marketing plan working. You want to see results, but you get kind of lost when it comes to actually knowing if you are in the right direction. 

With the right plan, you'll have the certainty you need. We can help you with this.



When it comes to your brand identity, the name of the game is standing out from all others.

You've been trying to solve the puzzle, wondering what it takes to own a brand presence that can compete in a global arena. Fierce beasts are out there.


We know how to build for you the brand you need, with outstanding logo design and a solid graphic identity program.

eCommerce solutions

We, at Cincodemayo were part of the development team for the 1st online store in Mexico, back in 1999. Since then, we have built countless online stores in many shapes, sizes and categories.

We use all major eCommerce cloud-based platforms, and have a team of custom-developers for any type of project. Just reach us and we will gladly help.

Marketing Agency in Texas. Cincodemayo Branding & Marketing

Website design

Yes, we all know it: the name of the game is eCommerce, however, not all companies can use an online store for their sales processes.

Actually, over 90% of the time, what your company needs online is just an informational professional website, where you can display your services, products and company profile. Website design is key for a global class presence. Yes, we do that.

Marketing Agency in Texas. Cincodemayo Branding & Marketing

Paid Advertising  (PPC)

If you want to boost your sales, a well-structured paid campaign will take your brand to broader audiences. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy is the key for reaching higher sales levels.

But wait: it's not only boosting sales that paid advertising is for. We can configure plans for different purposes, such as brand awareness, SEO acceleration, database growth and many more applications.

Marketing Agency in Texas. Cincodemayo Branding & Marketing

Social Media

Social Media Management comes in many forms. From digital presence strategy, brand consistency, feed scheduling, community management, brand persona, engagement, fan base growth and many more specific goals.

Not all platforms are for everybody. With the aid of social media strategy direction consultation, we help you define which platforms are the best for your brand, and we'll make the most out of it.

Marketing Agency in Texas. Cincodemayo Branding & Marketing

Graphic Design

Graphic design comes in a wide variety of formats. Never mind, we can do them all.

  • Logo Design

  • Annual Reports

  • Packaging design

  • Book & editorial design

  • Master Layout creation for presentations

  • Brochures

  • Labels

Click below to contact us and receive detailed information tailo​red to your needs.

Marketing Agency in Texas. Cincodemayo Branding & Marketing

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Marketing Agency in Texas. Cincodemayo Branding & Marketing


Book a consultation

Book a 60-minute live session for a coaching guidance on the topics you need to solve.

  • Branding consultation

  • SEO questions, principles and how-to's

  • Digital Strategy for my brand

  • Buyer Persona definition

  • Marketing foundations

  • Learn Wix, WordPress and Shopify tricks.

  • Which web platform is best for me?

  • Improve my campaign conversion rate

  • Boost sales


Pricing for a 60-minute​ live session is $199usd.

1-session 1-3 individuals. If you need more than 1 session, or join a bigger team, please contact us, and we'll configure a customized plan for you.

Note: our live session booking tool is a paid coaching service. However, if you want to receive other general information, we invite you to open an inquiry through our contact form.

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