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Advanced SEO

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Advanced SEO Services Agency. Cincodemayo Branding
We'll take your website to
#1 position in Google Search
Advanced SEO Services Agency. Cincodemayo Branding
Advanced SEO Services Agency. Cincodemayo Branding. Google Logo PNG

What is Advanced

What is Advanced 


Advanced SEO Services Agency. Cincodemayo Branding
Our Advanced SEO Strategy approach is a proven method that will make your website get found on Google Search, ranking in the top positions of the first results page whenever a new search takes place.
Benefits of Advanced SEO:
  • Your website is found ahead of your competitor's.
  • Your traffic grows exponentially.
  • Your top first position stays there forever*.
  • This service is a one-time payment deal.
  • No renewals, monthly payments whatsoever.
  • All of the above means more qualified traffic, leading to better business opportunities, thus: steady sales growth.
Top position = More Sales:
Reaching top positions on Google Search means more traffic to your website. By increasing your daily traffic, you are multiplying the chances of selling whatever you offer on your website.
It works the same for tangible products and services, virtual or physical. 

Reach 1st Google Page Today

With any of our Advanced SEO plans, your website will reach the
1st Google Search results page and outperform your competitors.

Website Health Checkup
SEO Strategy definition
Social Media Integrations
Strategic URLs
Title & Description 
Top Keywords configuration
Major Tags setup Redirects
Mobile friendly checkup
External & Internal linking
Predictive Keyword
Top 25 image indexing
Advanced Keyword setup
Google Ads Tools 

Estimated time of results varies in each case, but in most websites it is reached in 4-5 months

Advanced SEO Services Agency. Cincodemayo Branding. Google Logo PNG
Cincodemayo is a Google Certified Partner, since 2018
  • SEO Plan payments are one-time based, or recurrent?"
    Amounts shown in this website to SEO Plans are One-time based. No recurrent, montly or annual renovations fees whatsoever.
  • How long does it take to complete a SEO job?
    Basic SEO plans get done in 7-10 days, depending on the size of the website and some other factors, such as selected plan and documentation provided. Advanced SEO plans get done in 25 days in most cases.
  • Someone else did a SEO for me and it didn't work. How do I know this time it will work?
    We, as an international agency working in multiple marketplaces, have witnessed an increment of cases in which a given customer hires someone for a "SEO Job" and after months, the client ends up in the same place. No changes take effect. The reason we have identified why this is happening, mostly is related to 2 basic facts: The client knows little about SEO, and has no way to know if the so called "expert" did the job right. The SEO agency or individual providing the service knows the basics, but actually have no deeper certified professional knowledge, thus: they don't quite know exactly what to do about SEO in order to reach 1st Google Search results page. We, at Cincodemayo Branding are Google Certified Partners with the required credentials to perform Advanced SEO.
  • What's the guarantee of Cincodemayo's Advanced SEO Service?
    Our Advanced SEO programs are designed to take your website to the 1st Google results page within the time frameset for each plan level we offer. If for any reason, the time comes and this result doesn't occur, Cincodemayo will perform at no cost, all the necessary tasks to configure or re-configure your SEO plan in order to fix any possible flaws related to the job done or the reasons why the goal is not getting completed. Please note that in some very rare cases, SEO suffers alterations performed by third parties, or client's staff. In such cases we offer fix services at special price.
  • How can I measure that my SEO is actually working?
    Google search engine ranking is a very slow process. It takes months to reach the 1st page position. We know that our clients want to have the certainty that his SEO Strategy is actually working. Having this in mind, we will install a Google monitor to each of our Advanced SEO Plans in such a way that the client can login and watch how his site is doing. So yes: there's a way to monitor and measure that your plan is working in the right direction.
  • How is the SEO Service delivered?
    When you hire any of our Advanced SEO services, the following happens in this order: We gather all relevant information about your website, your brand and your business. We work on the best SEO Strategy for your specific case. Strategy gets revised and approved. We configure all the necessary components of your SEO structure, according to the plan level you hired. We create a detailed report. Your website gets submitted or re-submitted to Google, depending your case. We deliver the corresponding detailed report, along with some guidelines on how to perform the proper care and maintain your SEO healthy. All set! Your SEO plan gets completed.
  • What's the actual difference between all levels of Advanced SEO Plans?
    We, at Cincodemayo offer different levels of our Advanced SEO plans, so how to decide? What's the actual difference betwen them? COMMON FEATURES: Let's start by stating what all our Advanced SEO Plans have in common: All our Advanced SEO Plans will take you to the 1st page of Google Search Results* They all are structured in a one-time single payment. No recurring payments at all They all are guaranteed FEATURE DIFFERENCES: Now, what's the difference between them? From this point on, it's no rocket science: it's simply that we have structured different levels of configuration, so that you have more than one option to choose from: Configuration Depth: Our Biggest Plan #1 is the deepest configuration version, while the smaller plans feature lighter configurations. Price: different levels of configuration translate to price differences. Time: the deeper the SEO configuration is performed, the faster your website will reach its goal of appearing in the 1st results page on Google Search engine. Plan #1 will take 3-4 months to start appearing in top positions, while smaller plans can take up to 6-7 months to reach the goal. Just remember: each day your SEO makes progress. It's just that the race is long. * Google likes specific results, so your position will be related to your specific niche.

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