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Any dispute or claim between you and Cincodemayo Branding relating in any way to your purchase, service, import, or use of an International content or service within our website is subject to the binding arbitration, class-action waiver, governing law, disclaimer of warranties, and limitation of liability provisions for Mexico Laws. All disputes are subject to Mexico Laws and will be directed to Monterrey, NL jurisdiction in all cases.

All legal matters related to Cincodemayo from Sept 27, 2013, to the present are bound to Looloop, SA de CV. All legal matters from Sept 26 2013 and older are not related in any way to this company and should be directed to its corresponding entity.


Cincodemayo reserves the right of making updates and changes without notification obligation.


All sales and services are provided according to each individual estimate provided for each individual case or are limited by the coverage detailed in each of our services and products. Considering that for every project a determined amount of resources and time is executed, payments made to Cincodemayo for every stage of the binding project are non-refundable. At the moment of issuing every payment, the paying entity agrees to refuse to request refunds whatsoever.

Cincodemayo guarantees that the quality of the services hired will meet the professional standard provided.

Digital assets delivery: all digital assets must be paid in full before final delivery.

This includes digital files, cloud-based websites, ownership transfer, and editable digital original files. Failure to finalize payment constitutes an agreement not fulfilled. Delivery gets completed when payment is covered .


All of Cincodemayo services pass through several levels of filters both by the client and Cincodemayo before commitment to start working. Due to this nature, cancellation is not the way to end projects. In the event that for any reason a project should be canceled, no refunds will be issued and a corresponding balance plus a termination fee of 20% of the project value will be required. Termination payment upon cancellation is due immediately upon cancellation notice. Late fees incurr in 5% monthly late payment fee. 100% Full balance payment is required for all projects to proceed to final delivery, transfer, or publication. By accepting your 1st deposit payment you agree to finalize and comply to this requirement. Partial or fractioned final payments on balances are non-negotiable.


Cincodemayo collects only the information you provide through our website's forms. Examples of the information we collect are open to the general public by browsing our website, blog, and store. Only information voluntarily provided by the user is the information we collect. Information is stored by Wix servers and is not shared with anyone else. We use this information to contact the users, and for this purpose, we may use all contact channels provided by the user. Contact messages may include promotional and sales content.


Cincodemayo is a legal company with operation license based in Mexico. License legal operation documents may be provided under request by clicking here, subject to our disclosure terms.

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