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Non Plus Ultra: A new beer is born.

Participating in the beer market in Mexico will never have an easy entry, since there are 2 major brewing groups that have an equally strong presence nation wide. Plus, there are hundreds of artisan brands that have been doing a very good job in this industry.


What would be the best name to choose for the brand of a new beer in Mexico?

A brief analysis led us to the conclusion that the simplest and most essential names were already taken by the big players. Patterns that many have thought as a way of not making mistakes. They have forgotten that no mistakes sometimes lead to a lack of innovation.

By studying this behavior, we were able to establish 4 predominant trends in the morphological structure of beer brands in Mexico's market.

  1. Hereditary

  2. Syntax Association

  3. Foreign Names.

  4. Mexican Pride.

Brand Strategy:

Which path should we choose? What we quickly identified as saturated, trite, and consequently far from original were the first 2 trends (Hereditary and Association). We needed to stay away from this kind of names if we wanted not to be confused with others.

After several rounds of brainstorming, the actual category of one of the products (Ultra), along with a bit of 17th century history, brought us back to a term that had remained as Vox Populi for over 300 years. A clear invitation to be considered the chosen one. This is how Non Plus Ultra emerged as a brand.


In terms of design, showiness or extravagance was never sought, but rather the intention was to fit into the visual language of the beer world. We thought it was enough to have an unexpected brand name, familiar to the ear, but never used in this way. It was best to recognize and use some of the graphic elements of the international brewing tradition.

This is how certain ornaments, grooves, frets and visual effects typical of the language of traditional beer appear. The starting point was the design of the Non Plus Ultra version, and from there we started towards the Morena and Dark versions of the beer.

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